In 2019, the South Golden View Rural Road Service Area (SGRRSA) and HDL Engineering Consultants, LLC completed Capital Improvement Program (CIP) 2019-2023 planning document. The CIP document is a long-term guide for capital project expenditures. It includes a list of capital projects the community envisions for the future and a plan that integrates the timing of expenditures with the SGRRSA annual budget. The program identifies how a project will benefit the community, indicates the priorities assigned to different projects, and presents a target construction schedule.


The SGRRSA board had an open house May 2019 to get input on the CIP and 2019 planned projects. All road projects suggested by the meeting attendees were completed.


Below are CIP and maintenance/repair projects completed in 2019 and planned for in 2020.


2019 Completed Project List:

 Major (Maintenance and Repairs):

  • Bluebell Drive -  Golden View Drive north of Little Survivor Creek
    • Roadway reconstruction and drainage improvements
  • Ransom Ridge Road - Golden View Drive Stoneridge Road
    • Roadway reconstruction and groundwater improvements

 Minor (Maintenance and Repairs):

  • East 162nd Avenue - Golden View Drive to Saint James Street
    • Roadway reconstruction and drainage improvements
  • Celtic Drive - Bettijean Street to Belarde Avenue
    • Roadway resurfacing
  • Mt. Mckinley View Drive
    • Roadway resurfacing
  • Virgo Avenue
    • Roadway resurfacing
  • Windsong Drive
    • Roadway resurfacing
  • East 172nd Street
    • Drainage repairs


 2020 Proposed Project List:

 Major (Maintenance and Repairs):

  • Bluebell Drive - Golden View Drive to north of Little Survivor Creek
    • Pavement improvements
  • Ransom Ridge Road - Golden View Drive to Stone Ridge Road
    • Pavement improvements
  • Prominence Pointe Entrance - Golden View Drive to Southcliff Circle
    • Pavement, curb and gutter replacement, Golden View Drive to the first curve. Ditching and a culvert installation from the first cliff to Southcliff Cir

Minor (Maintenance and Repairs):

  • Norway Drive, Italy Circle
    • Roadway resurfacing
  • Switchback at Mountainside Village Drive and Wolf Creek Drive
    • Roadway resurfacing
  • End of Mt. McKinley View Drive
    • Roadway surface repairs 
  • Romania Drive
    • Reestablish ditch adjacent to sloughing slope on Romania
  • 156th Avenue
    • Drainage improvements
  • Elizabeth Street 
    • Roadway surface repairs
  • 172nd Avenue
    • Roadway surface repairs and drainage improvements
  • Other Minor Projects to be determined
  • General Maintenance
    • Sweeping, crack sealing, pothole repairs, brushing, ditch mowing, and culvert replacement(s) where we had issues this winter


The SGRRSA Board contractor, Northern Gravel, estimates road restrictions will be lifted mid-May and will start projects shortly after that. Project order will be Ransom Ridge Road, Bluebell Drive, Mountainside Village Drive and Wolf Creek Drive switchback, then the Prominence Pointe Drive Entrance.


The Ransom Ridge and Bluebell Drive projects will be paving over the roadway improvements completed last year. These roads will be closed with detours in place during construction. These projects are expected to take 3 to 4 days each.


Mountainside Village Drive and Wolf Creek Drive switch back improvements will grade the roadway and then pave. No road closures are expected for this project but expect delays and one lane traffic. The project is expected to take 2 to 3 days.


The Prominence Pointe Drive Entrance project is expected to begin the last week of May. The project will take approximately 2 weeks to complete. This project includes road base, drainage, and pavement improvements.


The schedule for the remaining proposed 2020 projects is still to be determined. Projects may be added or removed from the project lists depending on funding and project costs.


If you would like to suggest a project or have a comment about a project, we would like to hear from you. Please complete the comment form and email it to Nick Oliveira, PE, HDL Engineering Consultants, LLC Project Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Click here to view SGRRSA Spring Paving Flyer


Completed Projects


Bluebell Dr Drainage Improvements


Bluebell Dr Structural Section Improvements


Ransom Ridge Rd Structural Section and Groundwater Improvements 


Mt McKinley View Dr Resurfacing


Proposed Projects


156th Ave


172nd Ave


Elizabeth St 


Switzerland Dr


Prominance Pointe Dr