During our 2015 Nuiqsut Airport inspection, HDL identified that the existing crown was diminished along runway centerline and there were areas of rutting, shallow ponding, and surfacing segregation throughout the airport. The existing airport lighting system was also in poor condition and needed to be replaced. These deficiencies presented immediate maintenance and safety concerns. In 2016, the North Slope Borough (NSB) contracted HDL to design airport surfacing and lighting improvements to re-establish crown and grade and provide a safe, reliable, year-round, airport for the 20-year planning horizon. In order to quickly repair the electrical equipment and to sequence construction to match mobilization and construction windows, the project was divided into three phases.


The first phase of the project consisted of replacing the airport lighting system power and controls, including the power supply and standby power generation, to repair unsafe conditions in the existing airport terminal building. This phase was designed in 2016 and constructed in 2017. This phase also included replacement of the lighted wind cone, segmented circle, rotating beacon, and apron area lighting.


The second phase of the project included procurement of crushed aggregate surface course (CASC) to install on the runway, taxiway, and apron. HDL worked with the NSB, oil and gas industry, and the FAA to develop a procurement package for the delivery of approximately 30,000 cubic yards of CASC to Nuiqsut via the industry ice road from Deadhorse. The material will be hauled in early 2018 and stockpiled for use in the airport surfacing upgrades.


The third phase of the project consists of rehabilitating airport surfacing and replacing the airport edge lighting system. Work will include reestablishing runway crown and grade, furnishing and installing new crushed aggregate surface course (CASC) on the runway, taxiway, and apron; and replacing runway, taxiway, and apron edge lighting with a new lighting. The lighting improvements will connect into the new equipment enclosure and generator module.


Services Provided

  • Geotechnical Engineering & Design
  • Civil Engineering & Design
  • Environmental Services & Permitting
  • Procurement Assistance
  • Construction Administration