This airport was located on a spit of land in the Arctic Ocean that flooded annually. HDL studied various alternatives to improve the existing airport or move it to a new allocation. Once the decision was made to move the airport, HDL led the planning and design of the new airport. The work included completing a Master Plan, an Environmental Assessment, an Airport Layout Plan, an Engineering Design Report, and the design for this $38 million airport.


The extensive permit package included permits for landfill/sewage lagoon closure and opening of a new facility, airport and access road as well as a mining and a US Fish and Wildlife Service Special Use Permit for material extraction to construct the facility.


Services Provided

  • Engineering Planning & Design
  • Geotechnical Investigation & Design Recommendations
  • Environmental Services & Permitting
  • Survey & Mapping
  • Public Involvement
  • Construction Administration
  • Material Testing & Inspection