Merrill Field Airport Engineering

Anchorage, Alaska



In April 2011, HDL renewed the multi-year term contract for engineering services on Merrill Field Airport and began design of the Rehabilitate Taxiway Q, Phase 2 project.  Survey, geotech, and design work for this project was completed in three weeks in order to meet the FAA’s timeline for available grant funding. HDL’s other work performed to date under the renewed term agreement includes 2011 Security improvements, Phase 1 DSR and design, 2011 storm water management, and Taxiway Q, Phase 2, construction management.


The projects listed below are a sample of the work performed under the 2007-2011 multi-year agreement and generally include surveying; geotechnical investigations; design study reports (DSR); leaseholder and airplane owner coordination; storm water controls; developing plans, specifications, and estimates (PS&E); full-service construction administration, inspection, testing, and FAA close-out.


  • 2010 Obstruction Removal - 1513 McHugh Lane (Design and CA)
  • Rehabilitate Runway 16/34 (Design and CA)
  • Rehabilitate Taxiway Q , Phase 1 (Design and CA)
  • Rehabilitate C-South Apron (Design and CM)
  • Reconstruct Taxiway G and Q Barrier Gates (Design and CA)
  • Rehabilitate Block 5 Apron - Phase 5 (Design and CA)
  • Rehabilitate Taxiway Barrier Gate Pavement Sensors (Design and CA)
  • Rehabilitate Block 5 Apron - Phase 4 (Design and CA)
  • Rehabilitate Block 5 Apron - Phase 3 (Design and CA)
  • Recalibrate Compass Rose
  • PA System Improvements (Design and CA)
  • 901 Orca Boiler Replacement (Design and CA)
  • SWS Gas Collection Trench (Design and CA)
  • Snow Disposal Site (Design)
  • Annual Airport Inspection
  • Security System Assessment
  • 2007-2010 Storm Water Management Services
  • Runway 34 Practicability Study
  • Rehabilitate Block 5 Apron – Phase 2 (Design and CA)